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Suffolk Masonry Cawdor Group. Provide a comprehensive range of stone related services to the construction sector. Ian Knapper Designer in Stone J and R Marble and granite, limestone work Craft Site Directory. Handmade stone itemsincluding jewelry Heritage Stoneworks. Hand carves natural fire surrounds Lithofin Sealer and polishes Marble Arch. Making stone work
Building Conservation. Online directory for over 1000 contacts in the resoration and conservation markets Stonell. Understanding stone. Showrrooms Livra Stone carving and commissions
Pisani. Marble, Slate etc. An authority on use of stone in the construction industry Wells Stone Masons The United Kingdom Cast Stone Association Geological map of all of UK's stone resources from English Heritage Paul Davies Design Architectural consultants
Mapei. Adhesivesand chemical products for the building industry including stone and brick sealing products Bleaklow Slaked Lime products Posh Floors. Mainatenance, cleaning all marble and stone floors Stone Federation of GB
Trebarwith. custom work surfaces in granites and other stones
Rolling Stone Magazine CEP Claddings in stone burngate Stone Centre. Stone Carving courses The Kaizen Group have been bringing buildings back to life in the UK and across Europe for over 20 years. Listed buildings, historic stone colleges, huge distribution centres, Canary Wharf offices, RAF bases... In a nutshell - if you’ve got it, we can take care of it.
Sika. Speciality chemicals in the construction industryResiblock Sealers for pavers

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