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‘Even a brick wants to be something more than it is’ - Louis Kahn, Architect 1902-74

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Welcome to The Brick Directory helping you get in contact with every brick manufacturer in the UK and Ireland as well as brick merchants and factors, brick services companies, builders merchants and roof tile manufacturers. We are not selling anything just helping you choose the right red/buff/grey/orange/blue/black, handmade/pressed/wirecut/stock, rough/smooth textured, metric/imperial Brick from the 1,800 or so types available in the UK.

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'Linked in' link Wikipedia Description of what a brick is . This picture shows Brickwork using a 'Flemish' bond  with glazed headers and 18th century 'orangy red' handmade brick. EspadaRolls! Do use this picture for linking to this web site.
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Feat of clay’ feature in Sunday Times Nov 2015

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The fashion for chimneys in the Tudor period was for elaborate decoration using both cut and purpose-moulded brick. This example of spiral decoration at Layer Marney Hall is typical.  Click on photo for link to Nathaniel Lloyd , Brick Author in the 1920s and 30s, on 'Brick History' page. Chimneys down. London Brick No1  Peterborough in the 1970s filmed for 'Some Mothers Do Ave Them' with Michael Crawford
Brick Development Association Promoting Bricks and Pavers throughout the UK
Get Britain Building
Coleford Brick. Manufacturer based in Gloucestershire

Bovingdon Brick, part of EH Smith. Manufacturer based in Bucks
Normanton Brick Manufacturer near Wakefield. No web site
outHaus was established in 2005 as the retail face of Country Manor Bricks/Butterley Bricks.  Choose from a wonderful array including red bricks, yellow bricks and blue bricks.
BEA Clay Solutions Ltd. Brick Makers and Importers
Country Manor Brick Based in Eire
How to make a Brick Pizza Oven You Tube video by James May
Omni Brick Calculator
The York Handmade Brick Co Ltd -. UK’s Largest privately owned Genuine Handmade Brick Co. Manufacturing up to 100,000 ‘old looking’ handmade bricks per week from clay out of their own quarry just north of York. They make a full range of metric and imperial bricks with specials  for new build and brick matching. The ‘oldest looking’ brick on the Market The Wight Brick Company. Handmade Brick and Mini Brick making from Isle of Wight clay on the Isle of Wight
Same brick different mortar!. School St Johns Wood, London. Architect D Mills
Furness Brick.Manufacturer based in Cumbria Lambs Specialist Handmade Brick Producer. Based in Sussex Ketley Brick. Manufacturer based in the West Midlands Tyrone Brick. Manufacturer based in Co Tyrone
Swarland Brick.Manufacturer based in Northumberland Raeburn. Manufacturer based in Scotland Michelmersh Brick. Manufacturer based in Hampshire
Northcot Brick.Manufacturer based in Gloucestershire Ormonde Brick.Manufacturer based in Eire
Ibstock Brick. Largest UK Manufacturer with over 450 brick types available HG Matthews. Manufacturer based in Hertfordshire
Freshfield Lane. Manufacturer based in Sussex Wienerberger. Includes Baggeridge,De Simpel, Terca.Largest European manufacturer of bricks with over 200 plants throughout Europe and beyond. Over 320 bricks available on UK brick market alone Brick Development Association Promoting Bricks and Pavers throughout the UK
Hanson Brick, Used to be Butterley and London Brick. Home Counties based brick manufacturer Chartwell. Manufacturer based in Bucks Reade of Aldeburgh. brick maker in Suffolk .No web site Duntons.Manufacturer based in Hertfordshire WH Collier. Handmade brick manufacturer based in Essex.
Charnwood.Manufacturer based in Leicestershire
Country Manor Bricks are the largest provider of Bricks in Ireland.  Our huge range of bricks can be browsed online at our Brick Database and at our Brick Showroom in Santry, just minutes from Dublin airport.  Bulmer Brick and Tile- Manufacturer. Suffolk based  Contact No web site Tower Brick and Tile, Selborne Brick.Manufacturer based in Hampshire making the old Selborne brick range Terca. European and UK Manufacturer
Blockleys.Manufacturer based in the Midlands
Cambs Tile and Brick. Manufacturer of gault clay products Special bricks. All BS specials from Cradley Brick
Sussex Brick. Manufacturer near Hastings. No web site Carlton Brick. Manufacturer based in Yorkshire
The Clay Clay Shop, Bembridge, Isle of Wight Ibstock Ancestry. Manufacturer of a traditional collection of bricks AJ Mugridge. Manufacturer based in Ironbridge, Shropshire The Green Brick company. Manufacturing bricks from Fly ash
Sahtas Terracotta Products. Turkish Manufacturers of handmade clay roof tiles and handmade bricks Tobermore. Concrete Brick Manufacturer. Based in Londonderry
Photos of houses built with York Handmade Bricks
Clay Clay Fridge Magnets. Miniature clay bricks to put on your fridge and design your own creations Clay Clay Terracotta Letters Miniature brick making for kits Tim Bristow who runs Brick Directory and ClayClay in Bembridge, Isle of Wight and represents York Handmade Brick in the South of England. Link to Isle of Wight County Press Article

Pottery and brick making on the Isle of Wight
Walter Ritchie sculpting low relief in brickwork. 'Brick is love' 1973
Link to South Island Music
Link to The Isle of Wight Film Board
Miniature brick making for kits Link to Holiday Lettings on the Isle of wight HB Holiday Lettings Link to The Clay Clay Shop in Bembridge, Isle of Wight

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Mini Brick video on YouTube. Click picture below to watch

'Feats of Clay' Article about bespoke bricks in November 1st 2015 Sunday TimesLink to The Clay Clay Shop in Bembridge, Isle of Wight


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