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‘Even a brick wants to be something more than it is’ - Louis Kahn, Architect 1902-74

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York Handmade Brick Company. Largest Handmade Brick manufacturer in the UK, making 'old' looking handmade bricks, pavers and terracotta floor tiles from clay out of their own quarry near York Unlike other brick manufacturers they are prepared to deal in any quantity directly to the public. Lambs Specialist Handmade Brick Producer. Based in Sussex
WH Collier. Handmade brick manufacturer based in Essex.
Furness Brick.Manufacturer based in Cumbria
Coleford Brick. Manufacturer based in Gloucestershire
Chartwell. Manufacturer based in Bucks
Phoenix Brick Manufacturer based in derbyshire


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Tower Brick and Tile, Selborne Brick.Manufacturer based in Hampshire making the old Selborne brick range
Michelmersh Brick. Manufacturer based in Hampshire
Nortchcot Brick.Manufacturer based in Gloucestershire
Freshfield Lane. Manufacturer based in Sussex

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Swarland Brick.Manufacturer based in Northumberland Raeburn. Manufacturer based in Scotland Bovingdon Brick, part of EH Smith. Manufacturer based in Bucks Ibstock Ancestry. Manufacturer of a traditional collection of bricks
Ibstock Brick. Largest UK Manufacturer with over 450 brick types available Tyrone Brick. Manufacturer based in Co Tyrone BEA Clay Solutions Ltd. Brick Makers and Importers Carlton Brick. Manufacturer based in Yorkshire
Hanson Brick, Used to be Butterley and London Brick. Home Counties based brick manufacturer HG Matthews. Manufacturer based in Hertfordshire Brick Development Association Promoting Bricks and Pavers throughout the UK Hemming Brick.Manufacturer based in Coventry
Caradale.Manufacturer based in Glasgow area Lagan Brick. Manufacturer based in N Ireland and Eire Desimpel. Manufacturer based in Kent
Terca. European and UK Manufacturer
Bursledon Brickworks Museum, Hampshire Nr Southampton

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