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‘Even a brick wants to be something more than it is’ - Louis Kahn, Architect 1902-74

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Same brick different mortar!. School St Johns Wood, London. Architect D Mills
Masonry Solutions. Specialised Brickwork applications Brick Fabrication. Specialised Brickwork applications Brickwork Contractors Association RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects
The Premier Brickwork Contractor in South Wales". Builders Guild.
Brick Preservation Services Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
Wrexham Brick Cutters
Bulmer Brick Cutters Manchester Brick specialising in brick cutting Kevington. specialising in brick cutting. Based  in Sussex Eurobrick. specialising in brick cladding
Ceram Research British Ceramic Federation Tarmac Mortars The Construction Centre Restore was established in 1989, it is an experienced and reputable brick and stone cleaning, paint removal, repointing and related restoration contracting firm based in the South West of London Bebbington Brick Services. Tinting of bricks and other specialised services including brick finder
Lime Technology. Lime mortars Dyebrick. Tinting of brickwork Bricktint. Tinting etc
Suffolk Masonry Services Blast It Ltd. Brick Cleaning Masonry Cleaning Services GBF Masonry Cleaning Services Brick Cleaning Services MC Brick Cutting
Clywd Technical Brick Services Premier Brick Cutting Services Colourite Brick Doctor Nolans Group. Specializes in stone and brick restoration. Based in  Dublin Extension brick matching
English Heirtage Conserv, based in N Yorks,  manufacture traditional lime putty or hydraulic lime mortars, plasters, renders and stone repair mortars. DTS Construction and DTS Brickworks under take brickwork across the South of England for a range of high value new build contracts such as schools, offices, retail units and industrial facilities. DTS Construction have many years experience in the brickwork sector. Brick films Stop go animation of lego and other type of bricks Bleaklow Slaked Lime products
Sika. Speciality chemicals in the construction industryResiblock Sealers for pavers Sand Blasting Services in London SJ Specialist Brickwork. Lime mortar specialist. A traditional bepoke masonry service based in Suffolk All Brick and Stone. Based in Berks. Brick suppliers. Brick matching. Brick repair
The Kaizen Group have been bringing buildings back to life in the UK and across Europe for over 20 years. Listed buildings, historic stone colleges, huge distribution centres, Canary Wharf offices, RAF bases... In a nutshell - if you’ve got it, we can take care of it.
Brick Slips Direct, the UK's leading wall cladding stockist.
Bursledon Brickworks Museum, Hampshire Nr Southampton


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