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Natural English Stone
Nastural English Stone Contact Details

 A traditional family run business, Natural English Stone offers a wide selection of natural stone products.

Our established relationships with many local quarries, each of  whose workmanship compiles with rigorous environmental standards, ensure that we offer our customers the highest quality materials.

Natural English Stone. View of Manufacturing plant


By focusing on supply of stone sourced from the UK and processed by experienced masons, we can ensure that high quality natural stone is delivered exactly to your specification.

All stone is processed for many applications from bespoke handcut, semi-dressed and cropped masonry components, to a range of standard architectural elements with additional materials for walling, decorative and natural paving products. So why not build with tradition and make English Stone your one-stop supplier.

 Types & Finishing

There are many and varied stone finishes available. This can give your project an added dimension. Please contact us for details on the available stone finishes

Natural English Stone Types & Finishing

 Sawn, Split & Tumbled

Natural English Stone sawn and tumbled is available in coursed heights of 65mm,90mm,115mm and 140mm with a standard bed depth of 100mm

Natural English Stone. Sawn, split & Tumbled

 Cropped, Coursed & Semi-Dressed

Our stone is cropped from the raw material block, dressed by hand and delivered in bulk bags.

Natural English Stone. Cropped, Coursing, Semi-Dressed

 Ashlar Walling

This is a traditional form of walling built from large blocks of stone sawn six sides and a smooth or rubbed face. We can produce ashlar walling to your specification based on bed dimension, height, length and joint size.

 Architectural Dressings

These products are sawn and then either hand finished, carved and dressed to a specified shape. Master masons can work directly from detailed drawings (which we can produce if necessary). We would always recommend that we are consulted early in the design process.

Natural English Stone.
Natural English Stone Contact Details










Sparrow pecked

Types available:-

Random Cropped Walling

Graded to Coursing

Random Rubble Walling

Dry Stone Walling

Natural English Stone. Ted Ward. One of the Directors
Natural English Stone. Quarried Stone
Natural English Stone. Moving quarried stone to 3m Saw
Natural English Stone Types & Finishing
Natural English Stone. Sawing with massive 3 m blade
Natural English Stone. Tumbled 90mm
Natural English Stone. Cropped, Coursed and Semi Dressed
Natural English Stone. Cropped, Coursed and Semi Dressed
Natural English Stone. Ashlar
Natural English Stone. Ashlar and Architectural Dressings